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Working Session: Web Accessibility

A practical approach to making the web more accessible can reap benefits more far-reaching than you may assume.

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Accessibility is an important and growing concern for any website. Risk and liability is certainly one factor driving these concerns, but it’s also important simply to ensure that your website and its content can be engaged with by the entire population. While accessibility standards are often criteria for a significant build or redesign initiative, accessibility can be just like SEO, speed, or any other metric for website performance. It is an ongoing process than is never really done. 

In this session, BlueModus Senior Director of Strategic Solutions Dylan Thomas walks through a set of tools, tests, processes, and updates that you can use to help maintain good accessibility standards without necessarily needing to tear your site down and rebuild it from the ground up.

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Didn't take notes? No problem!

We created a cheat sheet, consolidating the take-aways from the session. This should help you quickly reference the pertinent facts, thought processes, responsibilities, and approaches that you need to be aware of when tackling your organization's accessibility initiatives.

Well send you the document in your email and may reach out to see if you have any questions - but no worries - your email address will not be sold to anyone.