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Helping clients navigate the challenging landscape of Umbraco upgrades

We’ve been working on Umbraco for years – and know how tough it can be to ensure you’re making the most cost effective decision with upgrades in Umbraco. We’re here to help.

The ins and outs of Umbraco Upgrades

Though Umbraco does a fantastic job of communicating their support lifecycle, knowing when to upgrade, the costs and the best decision for long-term success. 

  • Understanding what versions are in Umbraco’s long-term support (LTS) and End-of-Life (EOL) plan
  • Knowing what version will have LTS and what future upgrades will look like
  • Identifying when rebuilds might make more sense than upgrades

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Our Upgrade Process

Though we’ve helped with hundreds of upgrades over the years, each one still remains unique. We’ve found the most efficient way to approach an Umbraco upgrade to be: 

  • Spend up to 40 hours attempting the upgrade and identifying any major issues and conflicts. In some cases we’re able to complete the upgrade in this timeframe. 
  • Provide an estimate for the remaining effort – mapping out with our client the tasks that need to happen, any additional unknowns we foresee and risks. 
  • Complete the plan including full regression testing, a structured and collaborative launch plan and any necessary training and support. 

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