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Supporting clients large and small in enhancing and maintaining their Umbraco sites

Our business strategy centers on support – helping clients however we can to make the most of their Umbraco websites.

Our Umbraco support approach

For us, support is far more than maintenance or a “keep alive” effort – we believe in understanding our clients’ business and helping to uncover, guide and help with enhancements, strategy and stability. 

Generally, we’ll recommend a small onboarding effort to help us get to know you and get familiar with your codebase. From there, we’ll work with you on a collaborative roadmapping effort to understand and prioritize the next several months. For some this translates into small, quick fix support as they prepare for bigger investments and for others it means we tackle big enhancements to performance, user experience, analytics, SEO and more. 

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Your support team

For some other Umbraco maintenance companies, they rely on a generic support team and a rigid ticketing system to help their clients. This can often mean delayed responses, a lack of context and the general feeling that you are just a number amongst many. 

It's not how we work.

When our clients join BlueModus – whether for small ongoing support or a giant new project – they are assigned a strategic team that will stick with them through the course of the relationship. This team – a project manager, strategic director and solution lead – bring varied skills to ensure operational excellence, strategic insight and technical know-how around Umbraco, DevOps, SEO and more. This approach has had a dramatic impact on our business, and we’re proud to say, that of our clients’ as well.

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