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Helping deliver Umbraco redesigns that delight your users and you

For us, redesigning is absolutely about a new user experience – but also a better experience managing and maintaining the site.

Our Umbraco Redesign process

We start with discovery – understanding your goals, KPIs, user segments and technology. 

From there, we’ll work with your brand to realize an experience that drives desired behaviors and delivers moments of delight. 

Lastly, leveraging Umbraco’s rich content management features, we’ll develop the necessary templates, content widgets, configure any required features like multi-lingual and develop the required integrations.

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Why we choose Umbraco:

 Umbraco is one of the most developer-friendly content management systems on the market – which translates into cost effective redesigns. Umbraco’s out-of-the-box features are so rich and well structured, our team is able to spend more time realizing the rich experiences that is so often demanded by our clients’ users. 

Developer-friendly also translates into author-friendly – meaning our clients are easily able to grow with Umbraco, and vice versa. What starts as a redesign on Umbraco translates into a platform that can really grow and change with new business ideas, campaigns and strategies.

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