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Options Clearing Corporation

Options Clearing Corporation


Along with a more modern design and enhanced user experience, the OCC wanted to utilize the redesign to upgrade to the latest version of Kentico Xperience, as well as create an easy administrative experience for their content management team that enabled users to edit and publish content in a secure and authorized manner. Additionally, they wanted to present OCC trade reporting in a responsive layout that would allow users to quickly find data pertinent to making trading decisions.


BlueModus focused heavily on the information architecture phase of the project to ensure we not only understood how OCC’s stakeholders wanted to present data and interact with their users but most of all how OCC’s users wanted to interact with We felt it was critical the site’s presentation layer reflects the needs of actual users. In the end, BlueModus worked alongside OCC to create a website with a clean, modern interface that allowed users to quickly navigate to trading data, press releases, information memos, and other news with expandable navigation that allowed quick searches.

In addition to creating easy administrative processes for OCC’s Content Management Team, the need for greater security protocols as it related to publishing from the content management system – Kentico Xperience – was a must. To solve this, BlueModus developed strong workflows, code reviews, and pen testing protocols to ensure the OCC’s complex security needs were fulfilled for OCC’s IT & Security team.