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InnovAge’s current site had a lot of great information, but was hard to navigate. Functionally, the site was outdated and did not drive leads. They needed a better conversion and sales funnel. Additionally, in four states and looking to expand, they needed a system that would personalize content to their different audiences. 


  • Kentico was used as a .NET platform that could integrate with several required systems, as well as provide the marketing and personalization tools InnovAge desired.
  • Geolocation was implemented to allow personalization of site content based on the provider region detected for each visitor.
  • Site engagement is way up after launch, with a 51% increase in page views, and 77% increase in pages per session.
  • The site was awarded Best Healthcare Site in Kentico's Annual Site of the Year Awards.
"BlueModus didn’t come in as just a web development shop. They took the time to get to know us and understand our teams and our business. The end result is a website that has driven significant gains to our business." Robin Doerr, EVP, Sales & Marketing at InnovAge