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Zach Brickman: A True Team Leader at BlueModus

At BlueModus, we’re not just about delivering exceptional services; we’re also about recognizing and celebrating the extraordinary efforts of our team members. This month, we’re excited to put the spotlight on Zach Brickman, our Solution Lead, who has been honored with the “BlueModus Gives Back” recognition.

Zach’s dedication to his team and our clients is unparalleled. He’s more than just a colleague; he’s a true extension of our clients, no matter the size of their project. His commitment to continuous learning and growth has made him indispensable to BlueModus.

When it came to choosing a charity for the “BlueModus Gives Back” initiative, Zach selected Olivia’s Fund, a cause that holds a special place in his heart. Zach shared his thoughts on this choice, saying, “Living in a mountain community, I’ve witnessed the mental health challenges faced by many, exacerbated by the rising cost of living and increased stress levels. Olivia’s Fund provides a beacon of hope, offering free counseling and mental health services to those in need in mountain counties. This cause is significant to me as I have a 13-year-old son, and my family has benefited from this program. It’s my way of honoring a young girl’s memory and making a tangible difference in our community.”

Olivia’s Fund was established in response to a heart-wrenching tragedy—the loss of a 13-year-old girl who couldn’t access the mental health services she desperately needed. The fund is dedicated to providing free mental health support to families in two high-altitude counties, addressing the alarming rise in depression and suicide rates in these communities.

Zach’s choice of Olivia’s Fund for his “BlueModus Gives Back” initiative not only pays tribute to the young girl’s memory but also highlights the critical issue of mental health accessibility. His decision reflects a deep understanding of the community’s challenges and his desire to contribute positively.

We’re incredibly proud of Zach Brickman for his remarkable contributions to BlueModus and his community. His support for Olivia’s Fund through the BlueModus Gives Back initiative truly reflects his compassionate and caring nature.

Join us in celebrating Zach’s achievement and commitment to making a difference. If you want to support Oliva’s Fund, please visit their website to donate. Stay tuned to our website for more inspiring stories and updates from our team.