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Welcoming Back Brandon Hess to the BlueModus Team

The BlueModus team is abuzz with excitement as we welcome back Brandon Hess, a distinguished professional whose journey back to our team marks a significant moment in our ongoing pursuit of excellence. Brandon brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record from his previous roles, which have shaped him into a dynamic force in analytics, SEO, and content strategy. 

During his initial stint at BlueModus from 2018 to 2022, Brandon was instrumental in developing analytics strategies that significantly enhanced web experiences for our clients. His ability to analyze complex data and distill it into actionable insights made him an invaluable asset to our strategy team. 

Following his time at BlueModus, Brandon expanded his expertise at Agile Velocity in Austin, TX, as the Senior Director of Marketing, where he delivered transformative results, driving a 75% surge in lead generation and an 80% expansion in the pipeline. At TrackVia in Denver, CO, Brandon further honed his skills as Director of Marketing, supercharging marketing efforts led to a 15x rise in marketing opportunities, turning around performance trends and significantly exceeding revenue targets. 

Brandon’s return to BlueModus is not just a homecoming but a strategic enhancement of our capabilities in delivering cutting-edge solutions to our clients. His extensive background, encompassing roles that have seen him driving growth, implementing efficient processes, and leading teams to success, positions him as a critical player in our mission to innovate and excel. 

Anne Wofford, Vice President of UX Design at BlueModus, expressed her enthusiasm for Brandon’s return, stating, “Brandon’s track record speaks volumes about his strategic vision and ability to execute precisely. His return to BlueModus is immensely exciting for us and our clients. His depth of knowledge and forward-thinking approach to digital strategy will undoubtedly propel us to new heights. I’m personally thrilled to collaborate with Brandon again and look forward to the innovation and growth he will bring to our team.” 

As we celebrate Brandon Hesss return, we are reminded of the impact that one individual’s growth and experiences can bring to our collective success. His journey—from BlueModus to notable leadership roles and back again—highlights the transformative power of continuous learning and professional evolution. 

Welcome back, Brandon! Here’s to embarking on new challenges, fostering innovation, and achieving remarkable successes together at BlueModus.