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OutPaws: Advocates for the Underdogs

BlueModus, as part of its ongoing mission to give back to the community, has donated $500 to OutPaws Animal Rescue, a Denver-based nonprofit animal rescue organization. OutPaws provides a safe haven for homeless animals and gives a second chance to those left behind in overburdened shelter systems. 

Founded in 2013, OutPaws provides many valuable services, including placing companion animals in foster homes until they can be matched with loving forever homes, community education about responsible pet ownership, and advocating for the best alternatives for both homeless animals and beloved pets. They remain committed to fighting pet homelessness until every adoptable dog and cat has a home. The organization prides itself on being a champion for the “underdogs,” knowing that there is no such thing as a bad dog or cat, and with a little patience and love, mixed with proper care and training, each animal can make a wonderful, loving companion.

This month’s charity was selected by BlueModus UX/UI Lead Eric Boyer, who explains “Outpaws is where my family adopted our little buddy Winston. I’ve always been impressed with how hard they work to find forever homes for all breeds, including hard-to-adopts, seniors and terminally ill pets.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Outpaws and how you can help their cause, visit their website at They are always looking for sponsors, no matter where you live, to financially help pets in immediate dire need. Visit their sponsor page to see animals you can help today.