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Meredith Perkins Achieves Sitefinity Partner Accreditation Sales Exam

Hey there, BlueModus friends! We’re buzzing with excitement and couldn’t wait to share some fantastic news. Our very own Managing Director, Meredith Perkins, has recently aced the Sitefinity Partner Accreditation Sales Exam. This is not just a big win for Meredith but a shining moment for all of us at BlueModus!

So, what’s the big deal about this accreditation? Well, let me break it down for you. The Sitefinity Partner Sales Accreditation isn’t just any certification; it’s a testament to a professional’s prowess in positioning and demonstrating the solution’s business value. It means Meredith has mastered a vast range of topics related to Sitefinity. We’re talking deep understanding of the Sitefinity CMS, recognizing key buyer personas and their challenges, and a thorough knowledge of Sitefinity’s main competitors in the CMS and digital marketing arena. It’s like having a master key to the world of digital marketing solutions!

But wait, there’s more! It’s not just about knowing the tools and the competition. This certification demands a comprehensive grasp of digital marketing concepts as a whole. It’s a rigorous test, and only those with a well-rounded expertise in these areas can make the cut. And that’s precisely what Meredith did – she made the cut with flying colors!

Our Senior Delivery Director, Tiffany Silvera, couldn’t hide her pride. She shared, “We are incredibly proud of Meredith for the time and effort she dedicated to achieving this certification. Her deepened expertise in Sitefinity is not just a personal accomplishment but a significant contribution to our collective strength at BlueModus.”

Meredith said, “This accreditation is more than just a personal milestone. It empowers me to better collaborate with my team and our clients on Sitefinity projects. Understanding the nuances of Sitefinity and the broader digital marketing landscape helps me bring more value to our projects and ensures that we are always ahead of the curve.”

So, let’s give Meredith a big round of applause for this outstanding achievement! Her success is a bright beacon for all of us here at BlueModus, illuminating the path of dedication and excellence. Meredith, you inspire us!

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting news from the BlueModus team. We’re always up to something great!