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Meet Roper – Corporate Dog

At our Denver BlueModus office we love our four-legged friends. One of the perks of our dog-friendly location is that on a daily basis we can look forward to one or two of our furry pals patrolling the office, attending a few meetings and making sure we didn't drop our lunch on the floor. One such corporate dog is Roper, owned by UX/UI Developer Chad Dugas.

Roper is a seven-year-old Australian Cattle Dog, and Chad has owned him for five years. His favorite food is chicken, and according to Chad, he has a three-foot vertical leap when chasing squirrels up a tree. (Thus far, he has managed to keep our office squirrel-free.) Roper enjoys toys too, but only if they are shaped like an animal.

"It’s great being able to bring my dog to work. I don’t have to worry about him being home alone and he gets to play with everyone in the office all day," says Chad, "Plus, I'm pretty sure everyone here likes me better because of him."

Roper, seen here with his owner, Chad, who we all like almost as much as we like the dog.

So if you ever stop by our Denver office, be sure to say hi to Roper! You can even ask him to play a friendly game of hide and seek. He's great at it…just remember, he only does the seeking.