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Jon Knopp Renews Kentico Xperience Marketer Certification

At BlueModus, we’re incredibly proud of our team members who consistently strive to excel and expand their expertise. Today, we’re excited to celebrate the renewal of Jon Knopp’s Kentico Xperience Marketer certification. Jon Knopp’s dedication to renewing his Kentico Xperience Marketer certification speaks to his commitment to staying at the cutting edge of digital marketing strategies.

Kentico Xperience is a powerful digital experience platform that enables businesses to create exceptional websites, manage content efficiently, and personalize user experiences. Being the top implementation partner recognized by Kentico, we understand the platform’s capabilities and strive to be experts in its utilization.

To maintain a Kentico Xperience Marketer certification, professionals must demonstrate a deep understanding of the platform’s features, functionalities, and applications in real-world marketing scenarios. This includes expertise in content management, email marketing, lead scoring, and web analytics, among other essential aspects. Kentico certification renewal also requires professionals to stay updated with the latest platform features, ensuring they can leverage all the tools at their disposal.

When we asked Jon about his experience, he shared his insights: “The platform evolves continuously, and I wanted to ensure I could fully utilize its capabilities. This certification allows me to better serve our clients by providing them with the most up-to-date marketing solutions.”

Dave Bromeland, Development Director at BlueModus, also expressed his admiration for Jon’s accomplishment: “We’re thrilled to have colleagues like Jon on our team. His dedication to staying certified reflects our commitment to delivering top-tier services to our clients.”

As a leading solution provider and the largest implementer of Kentico websites worldwide, we currently employ 88 certified Kentico Marketers, including Jon Knopp. This is a testament to our continuous investment in enhancing our team’s proficiency and staying at the forefront of the industry. With Jon’s renewal of his Kentico Xperience Marketer certification, we continue to provide our clients with the highest level of expertise, ensuring they get the most out of their digital experiences.