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Jon Knopp Promoted to Senior Solution Lead

We have some fantastic news to share that will kick off celebrations. Jon Knopp has just been promoted to Senior Solution Lead at BlueModus 

Since the day Jon joined us, he’s been nothing short of amazing. It’s like he’s got this magic touch with technology and a superpower for solving problems that leaves everyone, including our clients, totally impressed. Jon’s not just about getting the job done; he’s about getting it done right and ensuring everyone’s smiling at the end of the day. 

Let’s talk about the cool stuff Jon’s been up to. He’s been working wonders with some pretty big names, like Advancial Federal Credit Union and Blue Rhino. Jon’s been the go-to guy, making sure our projects for them are top-notch and running smoother than ever.  

And guess what? Jon’s just as excited about his new role as we are. He shared, “I’m super excited about this next chapter with BlueModus! Working with our clients and team has been an amazing journey, pushing the boundaries on what we can achieve together. Stepping into this role, I’m looking forward to tackling bigger challenges and driving even more success for our clients. Let’s do this!” 

Dave Bromeland, our Development Director, is over the moon about Jon’s promotion. He says, “Jon is the kind of technologist we all wish we could clone. He’s got the trust of our biggest clients, is a tech enthusiast, and is all in regarding our team’s success. Jon’s the guy who always delivers, no matter how tough the ask, and he’s always got this amazing attitude that lifts everyone.” 

This promotion is a big dealit’s all about giving a high-five to Jon for his incredible work and the positive vibes he brings to our team and clients. We’re all about growing our talent here at BlueModus, and Jon is living proof of how far dedication and hard work can take you. 

So, let’s all give it up for Jon Knopp! We can’t wait to see where his new role takes him and us. With Jon leading the way on even more complex projects, we’re all in for exciting times ahead. 

Congrats, Jon! Here’s to more awesome achievements and creating amazing things together!