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Jen Wolke Awarded Prestigious Umbraco MVP Status

In a proud moment for BlueModus, our incredibly talented Solution Lead, Jen Wolke, has been recognized as an Umbraco Most Valuable Person (MVP), marking the first time someone from BlueModus has received this prestigious honor. This award celebrates Jen’s dedication and innovative contributions to the Umbraco community, a leading open-source .NET content management system known for its flexibility and user-friendliness. Umbraco supports everything from websites to apps and integrates seamlessly with various digital platforms, making it a favorite among developers for creating customized solutions. 

Jen’s passion for Umbraco is evident in her commitment to enriching the community through her articles and insights, making complex topics accessible and engaging. Her contributions have not only fostered her own growth but have also enhanced the collective knowledge and capabilities of the community. The MVP selection committee expressed their delight, noting, “Jen, we’re so pleased to see that you’re ‘hooked’ on writing articles on Umbraco, sharing your knowledge with your fellow Umbraco Community members. It’s invaluable to make these kinds of contributions, as they are often referred back to for years to come, helping even more people learn.” 

Mike Wills, Vice President of Technology at BlueModus, praised Jen’s pursuit of excellence, stating, “I’m so excited for Jen. This honor is well deserved. Jen’s work with Umbraco shows remarkable dedication,  advances her professional skills, and greatly benefits BlueModus and our clients. She’s a true champion of Umbraco.” 

The recognition from her peers and leaders reflects Jen’s integral role in the community and her efforts to extend the reach and impact of Umbraco. The nomination highlights this sentiment: “Jen has been so enthusiastic and willing to jump in and share her knowledge with the wider community. I think she’s going to continue to do more and more.” Her welcoming, open-hearted approach embodies the true spirit of the MVP award. 

Looking ahead, Jen will gain access to various benefits, including Umbraco HQ resources and events like Codegarden, where she formally received her award last week. As an Umbraco MVP, Jen is set to inspire further contributions to the community, encouraging others to share, learn, and grow together in this dynamic digital space. This recognition not only underscores Jen’s outstanding contributions but also highlights BlueModus’s commitment to nurturing professional growth and community engagement. Jen’s success is a beacon for others in her field, demonstrating the profound impact that one person’s enthusiasm and hard work can have within a global community. 

Congratulations to Jen and all the 2024 Umbraco MVPs on their outstanding accomplishments. To learn more about what it takes to become an Umbraco MVP, visit the Umbraco Community Website.