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Jason Lindsay Renews Kentico Marketer Certification

BlueModus enjoys celebrating our team’s achievements as a way to appreciate their hard work and growth. Today, we’re highlighting Jason Lindsay, our Senior Web Developer. He recently renewed his Kentico Xperience Marketer certification, showing his dedication to staying updated in digital marketing and his value to the BlueModus team. And why not celebrate his achievement in the form of a poem?

‘A Kentico Marketer’s Journey in Verse’

In the realm where digital stories unfold,

Jason Lindsay embarked on a journey, bold,

With Kentico Xperience as his guiding light,

He sought to renew his marketer’s insight.


In the midst of this quest, stood Nick Bushnell, strong,

His manager proud, as days flowed along,

With guidance and support, a steady hand,

He watched Jason flourish, expand and expand.


Through analytics’ maze, Jason navigated keen,

Unveiling the secrets that metrics convene,

From SEO’s dance to content’s sweet song,

He mastered the tools, where insights belong.


In a world of campaigns, he crafted his way,

Weaving strategies bright, like the break of day,

Emails and funnels, automation’s embrace,

He mastered the tools with skill and grace.


With A/B tests dancing like whispers of chance,

Jason honed his craft in the marketer’s dance,

His dedication shining through every click,

As he charted new courses, ever so slick.


Renewing his mark in Kentico’s domain,

Jason Lindsay stood tall, unflinching, unfeigned,

Nick Bushnell, his manager, beams with pride,

For Jason’s achievements that none can hide.


So here’s to the chapters both old and anew,

Jason’s journey continues, ever true,

With Nick by his side, and knowledge in sight,

In the world of Xperience, their future is bright.


Jason’s achievement adds to BlueModus’ team of certified Kentico experts, with 50+ certified developers and 80+ certified marketers. This shows BlueModus is a strong Kentico Xperience professional group focused on constantly learning. To see how BlueModus uses Kentico Xperience for great client websites, visit our Kentico partner webpage. You can also read our case studies to see how we make excellent client projects and even write poetry.