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BlueModus donates to Soul Dog

This month, as part of its ongoing program to give back to the community, BlueModus has donated $500 to the nonprofit Soul Dog, an animal rescue organization founded with the mission to spay/neuter and protect animals.

Kate Kunert, our Senior Producer and Project Manager (as well as owner of our loyal “office dog” Lillie), selected this month’s charity.

“Soul Dog does really good work with saving and providing spay and neuter services to help with dog overpopulation, “ Kate explains, “They came to my attention through a neighbor who volunteers for the organization, helping foster dogs they rescue from a variety of horrible situations, often times saving animals that are about to be euthanized. The tirelessness and dedication of Soul Dog’s volunteers is inspiring - there are so many wonderful stories I've seen.”

With an all-volunteer administration, all donations made to Soul Dog go directly to improving the health of pets. One of their unique initiatives is to travel to rural communities on Native American reservations, where spaying and neutering usually only happens if it is nearly free or very convenient. Soul Dog works with volunteer veterinarians to provide the spaying and neutering service at no cost to the public.

Want to learn how you can support Soul Dog’s mission to help our furry friends? Visit their website to learn more, or read some of their inspiring stories on Facebook.