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Enhancing the Content Editor Experience with Umbraco

We are incredibly proud to share that our very own Solution Lead, Jen Wolke, has made a remarkable contribution to the Umbraco community! As part of the annual December tradition, where Umbraco unveils a new article each day leading up to Christmas, Jen has penned an insightful piece that’s a must-read for anyone navigating the world of CMS.

Titled “Enhancing the Content Editor Experience,” published on December 17, Jen dives deep into the nuances of making the Umbraco experience more user-friendly and efficient. Her expertise shines through as she explores practical tools and tips for improving the content editing process in Umbraco. From rich text editor stylesheets to macros, Jen’s article is a treasure trove of knowledge that can transform your CMS experience.

As a self-confessed Umbraco fan girl, Jen’s passion for the platform is evident. She not only addresses common challenges faced by content editors but also provides innovative solutions that are easy to implement.

Check out her article at

Tom Whittaker, President and Chief Operating Officer at BlueModus, shared his pride in Jen’s efforts, saying, “Jen’s contribution to the Umbraco community, with her recent article, is a testament to her willingness to share her knowledge and help others. She consistently goes above and beyond, not only in delivering outstanding support to her clients and our team here at BlueModus but also in actively enriching the broader Umbraco community. We’re incredibly proud of Jen for embodying the true spirit of collaboration and community engagement in the tech world.”

Join us in celebrating Jen’s contribution to the Umbraco Advent Calendar and her continuous commitment to enhancing the Umbraco community. Whether you’re on your way to work, taking a lunch break, or winding down for the day, take a moment to read Jen’s article. It’s insightful, practical, and a testament to her expertise and dedication to the field.

Kudos to Jen for being an incredible ambassador for Umbraco and sharing her knowledge with the broader community!