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Creating a Sustainable Path out of Poverty

As part of its ongoing mission to give back to the community, BlueModus has donated $500 to CrossPurpose, a Denver area non-profit with a mission of abolishing cross-cultural poverty through career and community development in some of the city’s poorest and most diverse neighborhoods.

Rather than providing temporary aid, the development model at CrossPurpose creates sustainable independence. Using a unique person-centered methodology, they employ a "whatever it takes" approach to unleash the inherent strengths of each individual, in order to break down the barriers that stand between them and self-sufficiency.

Participants engage in a 6-month career and community development program for adults ready to start a new career path, improve their financial situation, and become self-sufficient. The first phase of the program focuses on professional and personal development, including interactive classes in customer service, conflict resolution, resume writing, interviewing, and other 21st-century job skills. CrossPurpose then provides each participant a full scholarship to a certification, apprenticeship, or internship in a growing professional industry, as well as career services support, where they collaborate with community partners and local businesses to help connect participants with employment opportunities.

“I love the people at CrossPurpose,” shares BlueModus QA Lead Matt Emge, who selected this month's charity. “I've been involved with them for several years, done a little volunteer work, and I've seen first-hand how they impact our city.”

To learn more about CrossPurpose and how you can get involved, visit their website.