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Conversation on Leadership and Learning with Nick Bushnell

In the fast-paced world of technology, staying ahead of the curve is not just a requirement; it’s also a way to inspire. Nick Bushnell, Development Director, recently recertified as a Kentico Xperience Developer. Mike Wills, our Vice President of Technology, recently met with Nick to talk about the importance of continuous learning and leading by example. 

Mike: Hey Nick, congrats on your recent Kentico recertification! What motivated you to pursue this recertification? 

Nick: Thanks, Mike! The main driver was to stay current with the latest Kentico Xperience developments. As a Development Director, it’s crucial for me to not only oversee several project teams but to actively contribute with up-to-date solutions. This prepares me to jump in on troubleshooting or architecture discussions with actual, hands-on knowledge. 

Mike: That’s a great point. How do you think staying updated with Kentico Xperience benefits your team? 

Nick: It sets a standard for continuous learning. When the team sees leadership investing time in recertification, it encourages everyone to deepen their expertise. It’s about showing that learning is part of our job, not just something we do on the side. 

Mike: Speaking of leading by example, how do you balance your managerial responsibilities with the need to stay hands-on and technical? 

Nick: It’s about setting priorities and being disciplined with my time. I dedicate certain hours of my week to learning and experimenting with new technologies. This not only keeps my skills sharp but also ensures I’m facing the same challenges as my team, which is key to providing them with relevant support and guidance. 

Mike: You’ve been a part of BlueModus since the early days, joining way back in 2003. Wow, over 20 years ago. Have you noticed any direct impacts on our projects or client work from your approach to continuous learning? 

Nick: Absolutely. Staying updated has allowed us to implement more efficient and innovative solutions for our clients over the years. It also means when the team hits a roadblock, I can dive in with relevant, up-to-date advice, which speeds up problem-solving and boosts our project outcomes. We implement and maintain a ton of websites built on Kentico, so staying current here is especially valuable for me.  

Mike: That’s impressive. Lastly, do you have any advice for other leaders in the tech industry on the importance of staying technically sharp? 

Nick: Lead by example and make learning a part of your team’s culture. It’s not just about accumulating knowledge for yourself but fostering an environment where everyone is encouraged to grow. When your team sees you investing in your skills, they’re more likely to do the same, and that’s how you build a strong, innovative team. 

Mike: Well said, Nick. Thanks for sharing your insights, and here’s to continually pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve with technology.