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Cheers to Chris Hyde! Crushing It With Another Kentico Certification.

Chris Hyde, who jumped on board as our Solution Lead this February, just knocked it out of the park again! He’s bagged his second Kentico Xperience certification – this time, he’s aced the Marketer exam. He’s already got the Developer badge under his belt. Way to go, Chris!

So, we caught up with Chris to chat about this fantastic news. He’s super excited about it, telling us, “Diving deeper into Kentico isn’t just about collecting certifications. It’s about beefing up my skills so I can bring more to the table for our clients. Every new thing I learn about Kentico Xperience just makes me a better problem-solver.”

Let’s talk about Kentico Xperience for a second. This incredible integrated platform rolls content management, digital marketing, and e-commerce into one. It’s like the Swiss Army knife for marketers and developers who want to create standout online experiences.

Now, the Marketer certification Chris just nailed? It’s a big deal. It’s all about mastering digital marketing and content management using Kentico. We’re talking email marketing, A/B testing, the whole nine yards. It’s a real badge of honor that says, “Hey, I know my stuff when it comes to making the most of Kentico.”

And guess what Joel Anderson, Chris’s boss, had to say? “Chris putting in the time to level up his skills is awesome. It shows his commitment to his own growth and our team’s success. His expanding Kentico expertise? That’s a big win for us and our clients.”

We must say what Chris has done is more than just personal growth; it’s a perfect example of our BlueModus spirit – always learning, always getting better. Big congrats to Chris – we can’t wait to see what you’ll tackle next! So, let’s give it up for Chris!