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Celebrating Tiffany Silvera’s Promotion to Vice President of Delivery

We are incredibly proud to announce that Tiffany Silvera is stepping up to become the Vice President of Delivery at BlueModus! This promotion is not just a win for Tiffany but a significant moment for our entire company as we welcome another talented colleague to our Executive Leadership Team. 

Tiffany has been a shining star at BlueModus since joining in December 2018 as a Senior Project Manager. Tiffany’s path at BlueModus is a testament to her exceptional skills and dedication. Promoted to Project Management Lead in February 2021 and shortly after to Project Management Director in July 2021, her trajectory didn’t stop there. By August 2022, she had risen to the role of Managing Director, and just a year later, in August 2023, Tiffany was named Senior Delivery Director. Each step of her journey showcased her ability to deliver high-quality solutions, foster strong relationships, and lead her teams toward shared success. 

She is known for her dedication, honesty, and the genuine care she brings to her work daily. She’s the type of leader who doesn’t just tell you what to do but shows you how it’s done, leading by example. Tiffany has this incredible knack for pushing our team to reach their highest potential while ensuring our clients receive nothing but the best from us. Her ambition isn’t just for the success of our projects but for the growth and success of everyone around her - our clients, our team, and each one of her colleagues. 

Reflecting on Tiffany’s journey with us, Tom WhittakerPresident & CEO of BlueModus, can’t help but feel proud. “Tiffany brings so much to our team each day; it’s hard to put it all into words. She is caring and honest, a leader who truly inspires by example. Her dedication to pushing our team to be their best and deliver amazing value to our clients is something that makes her stand out. Her presence in the Executive Leadership Team not only strengthens our leadership but also emphasizes our commitment to excellence at the highest level.” 

Tiffany herself is excited about this new chapter and the opportunity to make an even greater impact. “I’m honored and excited to take on this new role. It’s a privilege to lead such a talented team, and I’m committed to ensuring that we continue to exceed our clients’ expectations. I aim to foster an environment where everyone feels supported and empowered to achieve their best, contributing to our collective success.” 

As Tiffany steps into her new role, it’s clear that her leadership will be a driving force for BlueModus. Her ability to balance care and honesty, coupled with her dedication to excellence, makes her the perfect fit for this position. Join us in congratulating Tiffany on her well-deserved promotion.