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Celebrating Nick Renteria’s Kentico Xperience Developer Certification

We’re proud to announce a notable achievement by one of our own. Nick Renteria, our Senior UX/UI Developer, has recently earned the Kentico Xperience Developer Certification, adding another milestone to his already impressive career. Since joining us in 2020, Nick has been instrumental in creating beautiful, functional websites for our clients, continually embracing new challenges to grow his skills.

Kentico Xperience is the dynamic digital experience platform (DXP) at the heart of this achievement. Known for its affordability, flexibility, and power, it allows developers to use the latest ASP.NET Core MVC, enjoy a loosely coupled solution, and give marketers freedom with fully customizable, drag-and-drop widgets. It’s a perfect match for a front-end developer like Nick, who thrives on innovation and creativity.

Achieving this certification requires hands-on experience designing, developing, deploying, and maintaining applications on the Kentico Xperience platform. Nick had to demonstrate his proficiency in various areas, from determining application data structure and storage to optimizing performance and maintaining the application through its lifecycle. This certification is a rigorous test of a developer’s full-stack capabilities and commitment to their craft.

Nick asked what this achievement means: “Coding is not just about getting things right; it’s about creating experiences that matter. This certification is not just a professional milestone; it’s a testament to my passion for bringing clients’ visions to life through code. It’s about growing, learning, and staying ahead in this ever-evolving digital world.”

Dave Bromeland, our Development Director, praised Nick’s dedication. “Nick’s commitment to professional development perfectly reflects our core values at BlueModus. This certification is well-deserved, and we look forward to seeing how his advanced expertise will be applied to better serve our clients.”

As Nick continues to excel in the world of web development, we at BlueModus are excited to support him in his journey. His achievement is not just a win for him but an inspiration for all of us who strive to blend talent with technology to create exceptional digital experiences.