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Celebrating Eric Gomoll’s Kentico Xperience Developer Certification

We’re buzzing with excitement here at BlueModus! Our Technical Team has something cool to celebrate – Eric Gomoll, a Web Development Lead, has recently achieved a significant milestone. He’s now a certified Kentico Xperience Developer. We couldn’t be prouder!

Let us give you a little context about Kentico Xperience. Imagine a tool that’s a mix of content management, digital marketing, and e-commerce. Yes, Kentico Xperience is just that – an integrated platform for digital solutions that’s akin to a Swiss Army knife. It’s essential for creating compelling digital experiences, building robust websites, managing marketing campaigns, and selling products online. It’s all about simplicity, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Achieving certification in Kentico Xperience isn’t easy. It demands a deep understanding of various aspects – from technical website development to the intricacies of digital marketing strategies. Eric dove into this challenge head-first, mastering every detail of the platform. His ability to craft outstanding digital experiences is now sharper than ever.

Eric’s certification is more than just a personal achievement; it’s important for our clients, too. Here’s why:

1. Expertise: Eric’s enhanced expertise in Kentico Xperience puts him at the forefront of web development and digital marketing.

2. Quality: This assures that our solutions at BlueModus are nothing less than top-notch. We’re talking about delivering exceptional websites and digital campaigns that precisely meet our clients’ needs.

3. Innovation: With Eric’s expanded knowledge, you can expect to see more creative and cutting-edge solutions, helping our clients stay ahead in the game.

Dave Bromeland, BlueModus Development Director and Eric’s manager expressed immense pride in Eric’s accomplishment. He recently remarked that Eric’s accomplishment is a win for everyone – our team and, more importantly, our clients. His upgraded skills mean we’re now even better equipped to offer innovative, efficient, and effective digital solutions. It’s about bringing the best of the best to the table, and Eric’s certification exemplifies this commitment.

So, here’s a big shoutout to Eric – congratulations on this fantastic achievement! We’re excited and eager to see the new heights you’ll take us to with your Kentico Xperience expertise.