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Celebrating Decker Ploehn's Kentico Xperience Developer Certification

At BlueModus, our commitment to professional development is a cornerstone of our success. We're thrilled to announce a significant achievement within our team, as our Senior Web Developer, Decker Ploehn, recently earned his Kentico Xperience Developer certification. This accomplishment highlights our dedication to excellence and our team's commitment to staying at the forefront of the latest technologies in web development.

Before we delve into Decker's achievement, let's provide some context. Kentico is a renowned content management system (CMS), and digital experience platform organizations use to create and manage their websites, e-commerce stores, and online marketing campaigns. Kentico Xperience, formerly known as Kentico EMS, is the latest iteration of this powerful platform, designed to streamline digital marketing and content management.

The Kentico Xperience Developer certification is a rigorous assessment that evaluates an individual's expertise in developing and maintaining websites and applications using the Kentico Xperience platform. It covers a wide range of topics, including content management, e-commerce, online marketing, and website customization. This certification demonstrates a developer's in-depth knowledge and proficiency using Kentico Xperience to deliver top-notch digital experiences.

Decker Ploehn, a seasoned development team member, embarked on the journey to earn his Kentico Xperience Developer certification with determination and enthusiasm. He recognized the value of staying current with industry-leading technologies, and Kentico Xperience was a natural choice given its widespread use and powerful features.

Decker shared his thoughts on the certification process: "Earning the Kentico Xperience Developer certification was a very challenging yet rewarding experience. The certification process deepened my understanding of the platform and gave me more insights into optimizing and developing digital experiences for our clients. I love the continuous learning culture at BlueModus. The more I learn, the more value I can provide to our clients. "

Our commitment to fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional development is one of the pillars that set BlueModus apart. Joel Anderson, our Development Director, underscored the importance of certifications like Kentico Xperience, stating, "At BlueModus, we're dedicated to helping our team members thrive. Earning certifications like Kentico Xperience Developer benefits our colleagues and ensures we consistently deliver high-quality solutions to our clients."

Joel went on to say, "Decker's achievement exemplifies our team's dedication to excellence. We're proud of his accomplishment and excited to see how his enhanced skills will contribute to our ongoing success."

Decker Ploehn's Kentico Xperience Developer certification is a testament to our team's commitment to staying at the forefront of web development technologies. As we celebrate this milestone, we remain dedicated to fostering a culture of learning, growth, and excellence at BlueModus. We congratulate Decker on his achievement and look forward to our team's continued success as we embrace new challenges and opportunities in web development.