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BlueModus Secures Four Kentico Site of the Year 2023 Awards

Big news! BlueModus and our amazing clients just won four huge awards from Kentico for the best websites of 2023. It’s a big deal for us and a shout-out to how creative and strong we work together.

We’re super excited to tell you about the cool stuff we’ve done to win these awards. First off, we teamed up with Flow International Corporation to make an awesome site for their Flow waterjet products that won the Best Industrial Manufacturing Site award. It’s all about creating top-notch digital experiences, and you can see our work by checking out Flow International Corporation’s website.

Then, our very own BlueModus site grabbed the Best B2B Site award. It’s proof that our team knows how to deliver big time, showing off our skills and creativity. Check out what we did on our own site.

We also helped Consumer Safety Technology get an Honorable Mention for their site in the Best Consumer Goods category. Their Alcohol Detection Systems site is about helping their users who need ignition interlocks. Take a look at Consumer Safety Technology’s site.

And not stopping there, we worked with the Texas Association of Counties, helping them earn an Honorable Mention for Best Government & Municipal Sites. It shows we’re all about making sites that are not just cool, but also really useful and accessible for everyone. You can see our collaboration at the Texas Association of Counties’ site.

These wins are a big thumbs up to our team’s hard work and the fantastic visions our clients have. We couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve achieved together. We’re excited for what’s next and ready to keep pushing the limits. With our fantastic team and clients, there’s no telling what we can achieve next.

A huge thanks to Kentico for these honors, our clients for dreaming big with us, and our team for making it all happen. Here’s to our success today and to all the cool stuff we will do in the future!