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BlueModus Provides Support for SIMS Foundation

As one of its core values, BlueModus makes it an ongoing priority to give back to our community. As part of this effort, the company has made a $1,000 donation this month to SIMS Foundation, an organization that supports the well-being of the music community in Austin, Texas through providing mental health and substance use recovery services for musicians, music industry professionals, and their families.

The SIMS Foundation assists members of the Austin music community and their families change their lives for the better by providing access to a wide array of affordable mental health and substance use recovery services. Thy understand that musicians and music professionals are at higher risk for mental illness and substance abuse, working under the stress of an unstable income, erratic tour schedules, distance from family and support, and constant proximity to drugs and alcohol. Their licensed clinical team connects those in need with a highly qualified, diverse network of therapists, psychiatrists, and substance use specialists to help build and maintain emotional and mental wellness.

“The SIMS Foundation in Austin has been and continues to be a huge benefit and resource to the local Austin music community and has helped a few close friends of mine,” says BlueModus Senior Project Manager Carlos Orozco, who selected this charity. “They work extremely hard to keep a close connection to the community and make it as easy as possible for musicians to reach out for help.”

 If you would like to find out more about the great work the SIMS Foundation is doing and learn how you can support them, visit their website here.