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BlueModus Gives Back to A Chosen Child Charity

BlueModus, as part of its ongoing priority to give back to our community has recently made a $500 donation to A Chosen Child, a Central Florida-based non-profit adoption agency that for twenty years has been providing safe and loving homes for babies and older children, including sibling groups.

A Chosen Child brings together birth parents and adoptive families through domestic adoption programs, working with many adoption plans including open adoptions, semi-open adoptions and closed adoptions. They support birth mothers and their families with a full range of services ranging from birth and adoptive parent coordination, counseling, training, and educational services. They also work with adoptive families, supporting them in their journey to complete their forever families and providing education on the adoption process, communicating with everyone on realistic adoption approaches and expectations.

“My wife and I have adopted our wonderful little daughter and are forever impacted by this opportunity. It is only through organizations like this one that others can have the same ability to love a child where their birth parents are unable to provide that care and environment,” shares Jordan Walters, Associate Solution Lead at BlueModus, who selected this charity. “Through our interactions with A Chosen Child, we learned what wonderful people they are, providing great support with integrity and honesty. We are thankful for what they do, and want to continue to see them succeed in placing children into loving homes in the Orlando area where we live.”

If you would like to find out more about A Chosen Child and how you can support their great work, you can visit their website here.

2020 marks an expansion of BlueModus’ charitable give-back program, in which two colleagues each month will be selecting charitable causes important to them to receive a $500 donation. Click here to read about the other selection made this month.