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BlueModus Donates to the Lung Cancer Research Foundation

As part of its ongoing campaign to give back to the community, BlueModus has recently donated $500 to the Lung Cancer Research Foundation, an organization with a mission to improve the outcomes of lung cancer by funding research for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure of lung cancer. 

The original Lung Cancer Research Foundation, founded in 2005, merged with the like-minded charity Uniting Against Lung Cancer in 2015 to form the Foundation as it is today. Both organizations, born out of personal connections to the disease, maintain a belief that innovative research is key to ridding the world of lung cancer, which is the world’s top cancer killer. They have funded hundreds of grants across the spectrum of basic, clinical, and translational research at leading medical institutions around the world. 

This month’s charity was selected by Sandro Jankovic, BlueModus Associate Solution Lead.  

“A few years ago, my father was diagnosed with lung cancer, and through that experience I gained a new perspective on the fight against cancer. Programs such as the Lung Cancer Research Foundation provide treatment options, enable us to make informed decisions, and strive to discover a cure,” shares Sandro. “My family was lucky enough to win that battle, and my hope is that cancer research organizations will receive enough support to reach their ultimate goal of finding a cure for cancers of all types.”

Click here to learn more about the Lung Cancer Research Foundation and how you can support their worthwhile cause.