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BlueModus Donates to Disaster Relief in Wake of Tennessee Tornadoes

BlueModus has made a $500 give-back donation this week to The Middle Tennessee Emergency Response Fund as part of disaster relief efforts for Middle Tennessee, which earlier this week experienced destructive tornadoes and severe storms.

On Tuesday, deadly tornadoes, which reached speeds of up to 175 mph, left a path of destruction across five counties in Middle Tennessee, causing major damage to homes, businesses, and infrastructure for more than 50 miles, including parts of downtown Nashville. Sadly, at least 24 Tennesseans have lost their lives in these storms, while hundreds of others have been left homeless.

“The destruction in Nashville and the surrounding counties caused by the tornado Tuesday morning is almost too surreal to explain," shares Dylan Thomas, BlueModus Senior Director of Strategic Solutions, who lives in the Nashville area. "While my neighborhood is luckily fine, nearby there is a path of mayhem 50 miles wide with leveled schools, churches, and businesses…entire neighborhoods are just gone.”

“In the way I’ve come to expect here, those with any are helping those with less, but we are going to need more help from outside to recover from this. There is so much damage, so much homelessness, and tens of thousands still without power…it just so big.”

Dylan adds, ”Monetary donations are being funneled through The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, so if you would like to help, please donate here and they’ll make sure it does the most good.”

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