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BlueModus Donates $500 to Project Worthmore

This month, BlueModus, as part of its ongoing efforts to give back to the community, has donated $500 to Project Worthmore, an organization that provides programs to foster community and self-sufficiency for Denver-area refugees, in order to to increase their quality of life. 

Project Worthmore (PWM) started in early 2011 as a makeshift response to the unmet needs of Denver-area refugees. From teaching use of public transportation, registering children for school, going grocery shopping, and English instruction, there was always more that could be done but not always enough people to help do it. Over the years this has grown into an amazing organized effort to serve the vast needs of immigrants through the heart of the Denver community.

Project Worthmore now offers six comprehensive programs as part of their valuable efforts:

  • An English Language program to increase comfort and fluency
  • A community farm to provide access to farming, healthful food, and community
  • A community program to foster self-sufficiency and independence
  • A Food Share to increase access to healthy, fresh food
  • A Family Partners program to facilitate friendships and inspire cross-cultural understanding
  • A clinic to reduce and eliminate oral disease related to poor systemic health issues

“I selected this charity because as an immigrant myself, I was blessed with privilege and opportunity,” shares Andrew Coats, BlueModus Senior Solution Engineer. “Project Worthmore does a wonderful job helping the many immigrants and refugees in our community who are less fortunate than myself.”  

To learn more about how you can donate or volunteer for this great organization, visit the Project Worthmore website here