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BlueModus Cheers for Zach Brickman’s Certification Renewal

A new year brings new achievements at BlueModus! We’re thrilled to kick off the year with fantastic news about one of our own. Zach Brickman, our Solution Lead, has marked the start of this year by renewing his Kentico Xperience Developer certification, a clear indicator of his dedication to excellence in web development.

Zach shared his perspective on this accomplishment. “There’s something invigorating about starting the new year on a high note. Renewing my Kentico Xperience certification isn’t just about keeping up with the latest trends; it’s about honing my skills to ensure we’re always offering the best to our clients. This certification renews my commitment to delivering innovative and cutting-edge solutions.”

Joel Anderson, Development Director at BlueModus, expressed his pride in Zach’s dedication. “Zach’s continuous effort to update his skills, especially with crucial certifications like Kentico, is a testament to his role as a leader and innovator in our team. His proactive approach to professional growth sets a great example and keeps us at the forefront of web development solutions.”

Kentico Xperience is a renowned integrated marketing platform blending web content management, e-commerce, and online marketing capabilities to empower developers and marketers alike. It’s a tool that enables the creation of sophisticated websites and optimizes customer experiences across various digital channels.

The path to renewing the Kentico Xperience Developer certification involves a rigorous understanding of the platform’s extensive features and architecture. The certification process challenges developers with an exhaustive exam to gauge their proficiency and application skills in the platform, making it a notable achievement in the industry.

Celebrating Zach’s renewed certification reminds us of the importance of continuous learning and staying ahead in technology. His achievement signifies professional growth and our commitment as a team to deliver top-notch and innovative solutions to our clients.

Congratulations, Zach! Your renewed Kentico Xperience Developer certification is a fantastic start to the new year and an inspiration to us all at BlueModus.