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BlueModus Celebrates Jeremy Vaughan’s Achievement

Today at BlueModus, we’re all buzzing with excitement! Our colleague, Jeremy Vaughan, a talented Senior Developer, has achieved a notable milestone – he’s earned the Kentico Xperience Marketer certification. This is a significant achievement for both Jeremy and our team, underlining his expertise and commitment to continuous learning.

Kentico Xperience is an advanced digital experience platform (DXP) that integrates content management, digital marketing, and e-commerce functionalities. It’s an essential tool for businesses aiming to craft, manage, and optimize their digital presence across various channels.

Obtaining this certification is no small feat. It requires in-depth knowledge of Kentico Xperience and the ability to pass a challenging examination. The certification spans a wide array of digital marketing topics, such as content personalization, marketing automation, email marketing, A/B testing, lead scoring, campaign management, SEO, analytics, and integration with online marketing tools. It also touches upon content management and e-commerce marketing, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of Kentico Xperience’s marketing features for effectively creating, managing, and optimizing digital marketing strategies.

Jeremy is thrilled with his achievement, and rightly so. “This certification significantly boosts my ability to serve our clients, especially those utilizing Kentico Xperience for their websites. I’m eager to apply my expanded knowledge in real-world scenarios,” Jeremy shared.

One of our Development Directors, Jordan Walters, expressed his pride in Jeremy’s accomplishment. “Jeremy’s enthusiasm for keeping up with the latest technologies like Kentico Xperience enhances his professional skills and benefits our team. His dedication is an asset to BlueModus and to those who works with,” Jordan remarked.

Jeremy’s success with this certification is a win for him, BlueModus, and our clients. It exemplifies our culture of embracing learning and striving for excellence. We’re all incredibly proud and happy for Jeremy!