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BlueModus Celebrates Alexis LaVallee’s Promotion to Senior System Administrator

Congratulations to Alexis LaVallee, who has been promoted to Senior System Administrator at BlueModus. This promotion comes as a tribute to her hard work, dedication, and significant contributions to our company’s infrastructure initiatives. 

Alexis joined the BlueModus team in June 2022 as a System Administrator, bringing with her a rich background in technology and a knack for tackling complex technical challenges. Over the past two years, she has proven herself to be a pivotal force within the company, spearheading key projects such as restructuring our SharePoint permissions and orchestrating our transition to Dashlane as our company-wide password manager. These efforts have highlighted not only her technical expertise but also her leadership skills in managing and driving projects to completion. 

In her new role, Alexis will continue fortifying BlueModus’ infrastructure, overseeing both hardware and software systems. She will also extend her support to our clients, assisting their IT teams with cloud environments and various tech projects, ensuring their operations run smoothly and efficiently. Her expanded responsibilities reflect her growing role as a central figure in our tech team, capable of bridging the gap between internal operations and client needs. 

Mike Turing, Delivery Director at BlueModus, praised Alexis’ development and impact, saying, “She has shown remarkable growth over these past two years as a technologist. Her day-to-day support to our team has made her invaluable and highly appreciated by all.” 

We are thrilled to see Alexis step into this new role and are confident that her ongoing contributions will continue to be a major asset to BlueModus. Congratulations, Alexis, on your well-deserved promotion! Your journey is an inspiration and a driving force for us all.