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Ben Pletcher Brings UX/UI Design & Development Skills to BlueModus

We are pleased to announce Ben Pletcher has joined our Technical Team as a Senior UX/UI Developer. Based in the Grand Rapids, Michigan, area, Ben brings nearly a decade of UX/UI design and development experience to our team.  

Ben has always been drawn to the overlap between design and development. His skills are broad, from UX to design, front end to back end development. He enjoys each aspect and loves building sites and desktop apps from start to finish. Although he enjoys all phases of the development process, his primary passion has always been the front end, specifically UX/UI design.  

“To be a successful technologist at BlueModus, it is important that an individual possesses not just experience and skill with certain technologies, but that they have a passion for learning and driving hard to find the right solution for our partners. Ben has proven throughout his career that he has this passion and drive, and we welcome him to the team,” says TBD, BlueModus Director of Development. 

Since 2019, Ben has been a Lead UX/UI Designer at PremiumMedia360, an advertising data automation company that delivers data from US-based TV broadcasters and networks. At PremiumMedia360, Ben collaborated with the team to design and develop a Vue.js SPA to support the commercial media industry. Before joining PremiumMedia360, Ben was a Full-Stack Developer from 2015 – 2019 at Hemisphere Design Works. He led a two-person development team at Hemisphere that created an internal web application to replace legacy .NET applications and improve user experience. 

“What immediately grabbed my attention about BlueModus was its‘ culture and the team members behind it,” shares Ben. “Everyone is an expert in their field, and it speaks volumes about a company when they all resonate the same message - that BlueModus cares about its’ employees and the products they build.”