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Steven Bell Achieves Re-Certification as Kentico Developer

Steven Bell, Senior Web Developer at BlueModus, has recently passed the Kentico 12 Certified Developer Exam, an achievement that renews his credentials as a Kentico Certified Developer. Steven has remained certified as a Kentico Developer since 2015, with his current recertification now lasting until 2022.

“Staying current with the latest Kentico advances is important for users of the platform. Kentico 12 provides enhanced features, performance, cost-savings, and security. By re-certifying on K12, I am assuring my clients their trust in me is well-placed,” says Steven.

The Kentico 12 Certified Developer Exam is a secure, online test that that must be completed within 90 minutes. To succeed, Steven needed to demonstrate his knowledge of Kentico’s features and functionality, as well as his practical experience using the product. Questions focus not only on designing, developing, and maintaining Kentico websites, but also ASP.NET development, creating data-driven web user interfaces, and using the MS SQL database management language. 

“In passing the Kentico 12 developer certification Steven has shown he has a firm grasp on the content management system. It is a challenging exam because Kentico has so many features and an engineer must have handle on all of them,” explains Nick Bushnell, BlueModus Director of Development. “Any feature of the CMS is fair game on the test. When our colleagues pass the Kentico exam it shows our clients that we are ready to solve the challenges they face. We do this by using and extending Kentico in smart, efficient ways.”

Including Steven, BlueModus currently boasts 49 Kentico Certified Developers, as well as 41 Kentico Certified Marketers. BlueModus, the as the #1 Kentico Solution Partner in the world remains proud of how many of its colleagues are certified on the Kentico platform. To learn more about the importance of Kentico certifications, click here.

To read more about Steven’s experience, please visit his profile on the BlueModus website. Or click here to learn the requirements for becoming Kentico Developer certified.

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