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Scott Davignon Recertifies as a Kentico Xperience Developer

In the dynamic world of technology, staying ahead means continuously sharpening your skills. Scott Davignon, a Senior Web Developer at BlueModus, embodies this through his recent recertification as a Kentico Xperience Developer. Known for his collaborative spirit and problem-solving prowess, Scott’s recertification is not just about maintaining credentials but enhancing his ability to drive impactful tech solutions.

Starting his career two decades ago, Scott has built a reputation as a resourceful and versatile developer. With an innate ability to implement complex technical solutions, Scott has always been at the forefront of technology. “What excites me most about technology is its power to solve real-world problems and make processes more efficient,” Scott shares.

Kentico Xperience certification is rigorous and demands a deep understanding of its CMS and e-commerce functionalities. For Scott, recertification was about more than just fulfilling job requirements—it was about deepening his mastery to serve his clients and team better. “The process was challenging and pushed me to update my knowledge and skills,” Scott explains.

Scott’s manager and Development Director, Jordan Walters, adds, “Scott’s Kentio knowledge and dedication significantly boost our team’s efficiency and innovation. Congratulations to Scott on his accomplishments, and my thanks for all his hard work in earning this recertification.”