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Sandro Jankovic Re-Certifies on Kentico Kontent

Congratulations to BlueModus Solution Lead, Sandro Jankovic who recently re-earned two Kentico Kontent certifications – Kontent Developer and Kontent Business. Sandro previously earned these certifications in 2019 and in order to maintain in good-standing they must be renewed annually. These two certifications are focused on separate areas of Kentico Software’s headless content management system (CMS). Kontent’s Business certification is designed to reinforce product knowledge of key product features of the flexible Content-as-a-Service solution and Kontent’s Developer certification is intended for developers that create and maintain projects using the platform.

"Renewing our Kentico Kontent certifications is important not only to demonstrate our existing knowledge of the platform, but also to stay on top of the latest features and changes within the platform," Sandro shares. "It is exciting to see the platform evolving so rapidly, and the Kontent team has done a great job to ensure their exam process gets updated in tandem with the growth of the platform."

Each certification required Sandro pass an online test. The Kontent Business test must be completed within 30 minutes and consists of 20 multiple-choice questions, while the Kontent Developer test must be completed within 40 minutes and consists of 40 multiple-choice questions. Topics covered in the exams include headless terminology, subscription management, pricing, collaboration, content publishing, integrations, platform architecture, infrastructure, projects, SDKs, sample apps, static-site generators, APIs, boilerplates, subscriptions, and content modeling. 

“Sandro’s achievement in gaining these certifications just goes to show how much dedication and hard work BlueModus’ Solution Leads put in to ensure that they are experts in all of the platforms our partners utilize to achieve their business goals,” says BlueModus Director of Innovation, Josh Sherman. “We congratulate Sandro and appreciate the extra effort to go above and beyond for our partners.”

As the #1 ranked Kentico Solution Partner in the world, BlueModus maintains a priority of ensuring the majority of its colleagues become certified in on all of Kentico Software’s products. In addition to Sandro, there are also 43 BlueModus colleagues with Kontent’s Business certification and 18 colleagues with Kontent’s Developer certification. BlueModus is also home to 45 Kentico Xperience certified Developers and 50 Kentico Xperience certified Marketers.

You can learn more about our commitment to Kentico certifications to keep our team current on the platform and client projects implemented on Kentico by visiting our website