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Robert Tyska Promoted to Solution Lead

Robert Tyska Promoted to Solution Lead

BlueModus is thrilled to announce that Portland-based Robert Tyska has recently been promoted to the position of Solution Lead, in which he will be taking on additional technical leadership responsibilities.

“Robert has been steadily growing in his role since the start. He’s great with customers and the team loves him. His ability to grab the reins and drive a project has given me peace of mind,” shares Director of Development Mike Wills. “Robert has earned this promotion and I’m excited to see what he accomplishes next. Congratulations from our entire team!”

First joining BlueModus in January of last year as a Senior Web Developer, Robert was promoted to Associate Solution Lead in May 2019. Since then, he has been adeptly heading a team of technologists dedicated to delivering development and strategic solutions to BlueModus customers. In particular, Robert has provided strong leadership in solution delivery projects for Fortune 500 company Patterson Companies, and as part of his promotion he will be taking on even more projects for Patterson headed into 2020.

“The promotion to Solution Lead was a pleasant surprise!” shares Robert. “This new role will afford me plenty of chances to grow, both as a developer and a team leader, and I am sincerely grateful for the confidence and trust the management team has in me. I’m looking forward to the next years’ worth of challenges and opportunities.”

To learn more about Robert’s experience, please see his profile on the BlueModus website.