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Phil McAtee Brings Technical Expertise to BlueModus

We are pleased to announce Phil McAtee has joined our Technical Team as a Solution Lead. Based in the Austin, Texas, area, Phil has been involved with development for over 20 years. With technology in a rapid state of evolution, he loves that we are in a constant state of learning and letting go. Having worked with multiple industries, Phil understands that each client is unique and needs to be treated differently in those contexts. Everything from how we handle data to how we design UIs only works when we understand our clients. 

“Phil brings a tremendous background in sophisticated, complex software development leadership. His experience with organizing teams, mentorship, and engineering will immediately impact the Big Bend squad. The entire team is looking forward to working together!” says John Fager, BlueModus Director of Development. 

Since 2014, Phil has been a Senior Programmer/Analyst at ACS Solutions, a global information technology, consulting, and business solutions organization headquartered in Georgia. At ACS, Phil worked with multiple software development teams on multiple projects helping to deliver quality applications for significant healthcare networks and law enforcement agencies. Before joining ACS, Phil was a Lead Developer from 2007 to 2014 at National Financial Partners (NFP), an insurance broker specializing in property and casualty, corporate benefits, and retirement solutions. At NFP, Phil managed their software development team.  

“What has drawn me to Blue Modus is that they emphasize no ego and a balance in work and life. From when I first interviewed, Interviewing, these words were echoed by everyone I spoke,” shares Phil. “Not only did they convey these messages, but they said it with a quiet confidence that assumes that, of course, this is the way it is, and why wouldn’t it be?” 

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