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Michael Buelt Promoted to Director of Strategic Solutions

BlueModus is proud to announce that Michael Buelt has recently been promoted to Director of Strategic Solutions. In his new role, Michael will be identifying short- and long-term opportunities for our customers’ future success, maintaining mutual digital roadmap alignment, and collaborating with teams across the company to ensure customer needs are being proactively met.

“I’m incredibly excited for the opportunity to take on this new position,” shares Michael. “I love our clients, and it’s wonderful being able to partner with them to provide a great website experience. I enjoy growing business and building partnerships, so this role seems like a natural fit for me.”

As he moves into this new role, Michael provides more than ten years’ experience of strategically managing projects. Since joining BlueModus as a Senior Project Manager earlier this year, Michael has successfully worked to further the goals of a number of customers, including Aon, Ball Corp., National Jewish Health, and Credit Human.

“Michael brings such a hunger for helping our customers succeed to every single thing he does,” Becki Dilworth, Chief Strategy Officer at BlueModus says. “He’s made to be a Strategic Director – his intuition for marketing strategy and his deep understanding of customer experience mash together in this wonderful mixture of value and innovation.”

To learn more about Michael’s background, please check out his BlueModus profile.

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