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Meredith Perkins Promoted to Leadership Role

Meredith Perkins Promoted to Leadership Role

BlueModus is excited to announce Meredith Perkins has been promoted to Managing Director. Meredith will lead a team of Strategists and Product Owners focused on maintaining and growing mutually valuable relationships with our clients in her new role. 

“Meredith’s superpower is the relationships she forms with her colleagues and the partnerships she builds with our clients. I’m excited to see her step into this new role to foster our Strategic Director team and help build up the Strategic vision for our amazing clients across a larger team. Congratulations, Meredith!” says BlueModus, Vice President of Delivery Jesse Hormachea

Meredith has more than twenty years of marketing, strategy, project management, and relationship management experience. Her career has been focused on managing technology growth for clients while providing advice on the latest innovations, identifying new opportunities, and adding value. Meredith joined BlueModus in January 2017 and has led many of BlueModus’ largest technical implementations as a Senior Project Manager and later as a Strategic Director. At BlueModus, Meredith has contributed to projects for clients including Alzheimer’s Association, LivaNova, Generac, American Health Law Association, and Red Rovers.  

“Meredith’s commitment to her customers’ success really stands out. She brings this wonderful mix of compassion and tenacity that has helped so many of her customers and colleagues succeed – she is perfect for this new role,” says BlueModus, Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer Becki Dilworth

“I am extremely excited to continue my career with BlueModus and can’t wait to dive into this new role. I’m looking forward to assisting our amazing Strategy team in growing our client base and fostering those relationships for success. In addition, this new role will allow me to interact and guide a larger team, which will be a welcome challenge.” shared Meredith.  

We are excited to see where Meredith leads our Strategy Team in his new role. Congratulations to Meredith on his well-deserved promotion.