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Dylan Thomas Adds Contentstack’s Sales Essentials Certification

Congratulations to BlueModus’ Senior Director of Strategic Solutions, Dylan Thomas, on completing his training to earn his Contentstack Sales Essentials Certification, which is designed for technologists who craft solutions using Contentstack’s headless content management system (CMS). 

“To my way of thinking, the greatest value in obtaining this certification is in the receiving the training required to achieve it,” adds Dylan. “The deep product knowledge of Contentstack itself plus the exhaustive competitive assessments have given me a much broader scope for the solutions I can suggest for any particular initiative.”

To pass the Contentstack Sales Essentials Certification, individuals must review a series of online training videos and materials and then pass an online exam, including multiple choice and essay questions, focused on Contentstack’s features, benefits, user-interface, and recommended content modeling.

“Our clients look to us as leaders in the field, not just implementers of a specific platform. Certifications like these reflect our team’s commitment to meeting those expectations. They can trust that from the first sales call to the final deployment, we’ll be consultative and solution-oriented partners, and when we make a recommendation, it comes with deep knowledge of both the product and the industry,” says BlueModus Vice President of Strategic Solution Brant Cline.

In addition to this new certification, Dylan also holds certifications for the headless CMS, Kentico Kontent and traditional CMS, Kentico Xperience. You can visit Dylan’s profile to learn more about his experience at BlueModus.

As a Contentstack Implementation Partner, BlueModus continues to prioritize the certification of our technical team on Contentstack and implement Contentstack’s headless CMS for our clients. To learn more about Contentstack’s headless CMS download the Ultimate Guide to CMS, which compares the architectures and differences between a headless CMS, a decoupled CMS and a traditional CMS.

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