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Dewey Whitmore Re-Certifies as Kentico Kontent Expert

Congratulations to BlueModus Web Development Lead, Dewey Whitmore, who recently passed Kentico Kontent’s Developer and Business Qualification certification exams. These certifications are valid for one year and Dewey previously earned these certification in December 2019.
Kentico Kontent is Kentico Software’s cloud-based content management platform that streamlines content production and delivery while offering developers all the benefits of a headless CMS.

“At BlueModus, Dewey has a reputation for being a reliable and exhaustive source of information about the platforms we use, in addition to being a world-class developer,” says Josh Sherman, BlueModus’ Director of Innovation. “His recertification on the Kentico Kontent Developer platform is just more proof that he is willing and able to do whatever it takes to deliver the best possible solutions for our partners. Congratulations, Dewey!”

The Kentico Kontent Developer Exam is a secure, online exam comprised of 40 questions that must be completed within 40 minutes. To pass, a technologist needs not only knowledge of Kontent’s features and functionality, but also the ability to demonstrate practical experience using the product. The exam focuses on topics and skills such as terminology and concepts, architecture, APIs, SDKs, sample apps, boilerplates, static-site generators, and content modeling. The Kentico Kontent’s Business Qualification exam is also a secure, online exam but comprised of 20 questions that must be completed within 30 minutes. This exam focuses on topics and skills such as subscription management, pricing, general product knowledge and terminology, collaboration, and content publishing.

“As an evolving platform, it's important to stay abreast of the new features and updates for Kentico Kontent. It's exciting to see what Kontent has grown into and the solutions it offers for our customers' needs,” says Dewey.

Additionally, Dewey holds two certifications in Kentico’s sister product, Kentico Xperience.

BlueModus is one of the largest implementers of Kentico Kontent worldwide and remains very proud of the number of certified Kentico professionals on the team. With the inclusion of Dewey and these re-certifications, we employ 14 Kentico Kontent Certified Developers, as well as 32 colleagues with Kentico Kontent Business Qualification.

Interested in learning more about BlueModus’ experience building client websites and intranets on Kentico Kontent? Visit our Kentico Kontent Partner webpage or check out some of our case studies as we are incredibly proud of our client projects.



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