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Latest Articles by Brant Cline

Brant Cline    |    Senior Strategic Director

Brant joined the BlueModus team in 2015 and provides custom solutions to our clients by defining each client's needs, developing an approach for a project, and laying out the foundation for a successful long-term partnership. He began his career as a developer, and over the past 15 years, he has worked in project management, account management, software training, and client onboarding. He views advocacy for the client as his primary role and works to architect solutions that will bring business impact. The ultimate Dad, you will find Brant with his son, Ari, together in his free time playing mini-golf, bowling, hiking, fishing, and camping. He also has a passion for grilling, cooking, baking, brewing beer, and building things around the house.

Brant also writes articles about digital strategy, content management systems, and other things tech. 



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