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Celebrating Jim Piller’s Kentico Xperience Developer Certification

We have some exciting news to share today. Our Solution Lead, Jim Piller, recently added another feather to his cap by earning his Kentico Xperience Developer certification.

But first, what exactly is Kentico Xperience? Kentico Xperience is a powerful content management system (CMS) and digital experience platform (DXP) trusted by businesses worldwide. It empowers organizations to create and manage their digital content, making delivering exceptional online experiences for their customers easier. At BlueModus, it’s a platform that we use to build websites for many of our clients.

Now, let’s dive into what it takes to pass this Kentico Xperience Developer certification. To earn this badge of honor, candidates must demonstrate their proficiency in working with Kentico Xperience, from understanding the platform’s architecture to customizing and optimizing websites. It’s no walk in the park, but Jim took on the challenge and came out on top.

Jim shared his thoughts on this achievement: “I’m thrilled to have earned my Kentico Xperience Developer certification. As a new colleague at BlueModus, I recognize the importance of learning Kentico Xperience swiftly to serve our clients better. It’s a fantastic feeling to know that I can now contribute more effectively to our projects.”

Our Development Director, Aaron Brosey, chimed in with his appreciation for Jim’s dedication, saying, “Jim has only been with us since late October 2023, and he’s already shown an incredible commitment to mastering the Kentico Xperience platform. He’s dived headfirst into his certification, and we’re proud to have him on the team.”

Jim’s accomplishment adds to our growing list of experts as he joins the ranks of the 55 BlueModus colleagues who hold a Kentico Xperience Developer certification. These Kentico-certified professionals have not only met the high standards of this Kentico platform but have also proven their ability to deliver top-notch web experiences to our clients.

We’re incredibly proud of Jim’s accomplishment and excited about his contributions to our team and clients in the future. If you’re interested in learning more about Kentico Xperience, our team, or our web development solutions, feel free to get in touch with us.