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BlueModus Applauds Bethanne Pierce’s Kentico Marketer Certification

BlueModus is proud to share the news of yet another team member’s outstanding achievement. Bethanne Pierce, a Senior Project Manager on our team, has recently earned her Kentico Xperience Marketer certification. This accomplishment is a testament to Bethanne’s dedication to mastering the intricacies of digital marketing and her commitment to delivering exceptional service to our clients.

Bethanne shared her thoughts on this milestone. “Earning my Kentico certification is a pivotal step in deepening my understanding of digital marketing strategies and how to leverage Kentico’s powerful tools to craft impactful digital experiences.”

Grant Knowlton, Managing Director at BlueModus, commended Bethanne’s efforts. “Bethanne’s hard work and determination in achieving this certification exemplify her commitment to her professional development and our team. We’re proud to have individuals like her who are dedicated to mastering their craft and continually raising the bar in terms of the services we offer to our clients.”

The Kentico Xperience Marketer certification demands a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing and content management principles. Candidates must demonstrate proficiency in utilizing Kentico’s integrated marketing platform, which merges web content management, digital marketing, and e-commerce functionality. This certification process involves rigorous training and an exam, testing the individual’s ability to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios, ranging from managing sophisticated content strategies to executing targeted marketing campaigns.

Kentico Xperience is a renowned platform known for its flexibility and rich feature set. It allows marketers to manage content, run campaigns, and track customer interactions all in one place, enabling a seamless digital experience that enhances customer engagement and drives business results.

Congratulations to Bethanne Pierce on this notable accomplishment. Her dedication to professional excellence and digital marketing innovation continues to impact our clients and sets a shining example for her colleagues at BlueModus.