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Azure Data & Analytics Services

Azure Data & Analytics Services

Google Analytics is where many businesses start if you want to do more with your data and analysis. Yet, if you’re looking to move past simple reporting and into deep analysis, learning more about advanced data and analytics platforms like Azure’s Data and Analytics services is the next step. Our MarTech, Director, can help you steer your way through Azure’s Data and Analytics Services. 

This allows your organization to seamlessly pull together the disparate data you manage across many mismatched and misaligned platforms, spreadsheets, and powerpoints. Instead, ingest, analyze, and identify insights at a rapid and instant scale regardless of your organization favors SQL Servers or an open-source alternative.

Atop robust database solutions, like the popular Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Data Services mesh seamlessly with powerful Applied AI Services designed to modernize common business processes. Machine Learning solutions help build hyper-fast data models using available data alongside Azure’s powerful Data Lake storage and Data factory solutions.

Better yet, Azure Data and Analysis services integrate heavily with your already existing technology stack, creating a unified analytics platform for the data you’ve had hidden behind a multitude of platforms for years and allowing

Want to learn more about Azure Data and Analytics services? Check out Azure’s great Azure Analytics “Getting Started” Documentation and more at Azure’s Data Architecture Guide.



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