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Anthony Lang Aces Kentico Xperience Marketer Certification

We’ve got some fantastic news from the BlueModus team! Our very own Senior Project Manager, Anthony Lang, just aced the Kentico Xperience Marketer exam. That’s right, he’s now officially a certified pro in using this fantastic platform from Kentico Software. This platform is a game-changer, folks. It’s all about helping businesses create those wow-factor digital experiences across different channels. Imagine one tool that juggles marketing, e-commerce, and content management - that’s Kentico Xperience for you!

Why is this a big deal? Well, Kentico Xperience is all about putting marketers in the driver’s seat. It’s packed with features that let you craft and fine-tune customer-centric marketing campaigns in real time. We’re talking personalized content, marketing automation, and all the goodies like email marketing, lead scoring, and a bunch more. Every year, we at BlueModus put this powerhouse to work, launching hundreds of websites, intranets, and web stores for our clients.

A big shoutout to Anthony for this achievement! Our Managing Director Meredith Perkins says, “This is more than just passing an exam. It’s about continuous learning and finding the best tools to serve our clients.” And that’s what we’re all about here at BlueModus.

This certification isn’t just a pat on the back. It’s a badge of honor that shows you’ve got the chops to handle everything digital marketing throws at you. From content marketing to SEO, this test covers it all. And Anthony nailed it!

Speaking of which, Anthony shared, “After acing this test, I’m buzzing with confidence. It’s like I’ve unlocked a new level in creating solutions for our clients.” And we couldn’t be prouder!

Here’s a fun fact: as the top-ranked Kentico Xperience Solution Partner globally, we’re big on making sure our team is top-notch in their skills. With Anthony’s new certification, we now have 83 Xperience Marketer wizards and 57 developer gurus – more than any other partner out there. Want to know more about our love affair with Kentico Xperience and the cool projects we’ve done? Check out our portfolio!

So, there you have it. Big congrats to Anthony for all his hard work earning Kentico’s certification.