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Anoop Nair Achieves Kentico Developer Certification

Congratulations to Anoop Nair, a Senior Web Developer at BlueModus, who recently achieved Kentico Developer Certification, by passing the Kentico 11 Certified Developer Exam. This certification helps verify his experience and technical skills using the latest Kentico and ASP.NET technologies and tools. With the inclusion of Anoop, BlueModus currently boasts 27 Kentico Certified Developers.

“The preparation that went into attaining this certification and the support from the BlueModus team to help achieve it will help in my delivery of high-quality websites built on the Kentico platform for our clients,” notes Anoop. 

When taking the Kentico 11 Certified Developer Exam, developers must complete a secure, online exam that consists of 50 questions that must be finished within 90 minutes. To pass, they must possess deep knowledge of Kentico’s features and functionality, as well as demonstrate practical experience in using the platform. The test focuses on high-level concepts in designing, developing, and maintaining Kentico websites, as well as creating data-driven web user interfaces, ASP.NET development, and using the MS SQL database management language.

“The training to pass the Kentico Certified Developer Exam is important for all developers here as it helps ensure a solid foundation on developing in one of our primary platforms at BlueModus,” says Director of Development Nick Bushnell. “We’re proud of Anoop’s hard work in mastering the Kentico platform and gaining certification.” 

As the #1 Kentico Solution Partner in the world, BlueModus is proud of its many colleagues who are certified on the Kentico platform. In addition to 27 Certified Developers, the team includes 17 Kentico Certified Marketers. If you are Interested in becoming Kentico certified, visit the Kentico Certified Developer Exam page for more information.

To learn more about Anoop, you can read his profile on the BlueModus website. 

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